Surface Dressing Contractors

Tarmat Ltd are a fully capable surface dressing contractor operating across the UK and Europe. We use the latest equipment and materials to produce results of the highest quality for our clients.

What is Surface Dressing?

Surfacing is the process of coating a road with a bitumen emulsion and then layering with a suitably sized stone chipping, dependant on the traffic conditions and hardness of the road, to make the surface more resilient to the ingress of water. This dramatically increases the lifetime of the road surface and is very cost effective when it comes to the maintaining or restoring roads in the long term.

Surface dressing is now regarded as the most cost effective and efficient method of maintaining or restoring road surface condition. Tarmat Ltd offer full contracted solutions across all areas of dressing and our experienced team can offer you help and advice on whether or not this is the correct treatment for your needs.

Surface Dressing Benefits

Surface Dressing Materials

We used high quality bituminous emulsions supplied by the Bituchem Group ©. These high quality binders are designed to produce quality results that will stand the test of time.

More Info?

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